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Future & Scope of Data Warehouse by 2025

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Customers across the globe are digitally empowered. They have the prerequisite means to determine which business will be growing and succeeding, and which ones will be failing.

Thus, majority of the businesses will understand they should be taking the prerequisite care of the customer to find revenue in their business. They should be equipped with the latest details about data and analytics and thus the clients can have the prerequisite details, they are looking for. It also offers best satisfaction to the customers.

The understanding gives rise to the concept of BI or business intelligence, the use of big data, data mining and data analytics for the analysis of raw data and the creation of more effective and faster business solutions. Though the concept of business intelligence has become old, traditional tactics of business intelligence are not sufficient for keeping up as well as ensuring success.

At present, traditional business intelligence should be combined along with agile business intelligence for providing acceleration to the traditional business intelligence for achieving faster results and ensuring more adaptability. Thus, big data is capable of delivering more useful and fastest insights so that the business is capable of retaining, serving and converting more customers.

For the survival of the business, the business intelligence should be evolved as well as adapted continuously for bringing an improvement in the agility as well as keeping up with the latest trends in data in the customer driven age. Also, the latest model for business intelligence drives the future of the data warehousing.

The traditional deployments of business intelligence is not sufficient for success

Though the traditional deployments and applications for business intelligence is doing around for the past several years, it is hard to use them for keeping pace with the demands of customers at present.

The decision makers in businesses and IT have reported a wide array of challenges, which are deployed in traditional business intelligence only. It is inclusive of the in capabilities for indentifying the ROI of the investment of the business intelligence.

Latest business deployments are used for the implementation of methodologies that help in measuring the return on investment as well as determining the value of the business intelligence efforts. It also includes a breakdown in alignment and communication between the business and IT teams. 

Meeting the demands of the customer via the new deployments of business intelligence

The combination of agile business intelligence, traditional business intelligence is useful for the growth of the business and procuring high success in the market.

As the latest strategies of business intelligence are developed, they play a vital role in harnessing the insights and creating the actionable data within a lesser time span.

With the aid of same processes, technology and people, the latest strategies facilitates the growth of the business. It also offers a faster reaction to the requirements of the customer and brings an improvement in the collaboration as well as top line benefits.

The drive for the latest type of data warehousing

The latest type of data warehousing is a prerequisite for the latest deployment in business intelligence. There are few factors that contribute to the future and development of data warehousing which are mentioned below:

The Cloud

At present, a wide array of businesses is storing the data on the cloud. Cloud based computing provides the capabilities for accessing more data from various resources without the requirement for moving or duplicating the massive amount of data. Thus, cloud has gained a high popularity as an integral factor to ensure a better future of data warehousing.


Businesses should be using collaboration for procuring high success. In place of having different teams, departments, and implementation of data analysis, data mining, the latest model includes cross functional teams which engage in the adaptive planning for consistent evolution and improvement.

Such type of model cannot function without the oldest form of data warehousing which involve a single server and involves the retrieval and storage of data.

The future of data

The next generation of data will be including more evolution which is inclusive of real time streaming of data.

How the latest data warehousing resolves the issues of business

There are the latest data warehousing solution which offers a simpler and immense powerful tool for seeking real time and streaming data by the connection of live data along with the historical data.

There used to be a time when business intelligence used to be a total different section than the business section. The analytics of data occurs in a separate bubble. Few of the data warehousing techniques which resolve specific issues for the businesses are inclusive of

Fragmented data across various business firms

At present, data warehousing enables the analysis and collection of faster data across different departments and organizations. IN addition to this, it promotes more collaboration along with faster and effective results.

Data lakes

In place of storing the data in the hierarchical folders and files, like the traditional data warehouses, the data lakes boast of a flat architecture which enable the storage of raw data in the natural form till it is required.

IoT streaming data

You also need to keep in mind that Internet of Things has become a game changer as the businesses, customers, and departments are responsible for the storage and sharing of data across different devices.

Business agility has become more important as plays a vital role in the conversion as well as retaining the customers. For doing this, it is a prerequisite that business intelligence should evolve, adapt, improve and it involves more collaboration along with the latest solutions of data warehousing. 

Leading business firms such as SAP are working on how the future of data warehousing is going to look like. With the launching of data warehousing solution which run on AWS, it can be said that businesses combine streaming and historical data for an effective deployment and better implementation of the latest business intelligence strategies.