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How Businesses Can Effectively Utilize Big Data to Improve Their Website Design

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Let’s face it: “Big data” is the buzzword of the year. But what is it anyway?

Big data deals with a large volume of structured and unstructured data. The volume is so massive that you cannot process it using traditional means.

Regardless, big data is shaping the internet and influencing how we do our business.

How Big Data Impacts Web Design

One of the ways big data is affecting our business is through web design. That’s because big data compels us to be data-driven to ensure that our website provides the best user experience to our visitors.

However, that does not mean your creativity will be restricted. Instead, it takes a scientific approach to your web design.

Think of it this way: Web designers and developers would agree that adding multimedia content on the site would be beneficial. It is not just because images and videos are enticing, but because science shows that humans are visual beings.

5 Ways You can Use Big Data to Improve Your Website’s Design

Now that you know how big data changes how we approach web design, it is time to learn five ways how you can maximize it.

Web Traffic

Website analytics is one of the common uses of big data in digital marketing. When it comes to web design, though, it gives you an insight into how your site’s visual appeal can impact user experience.

For instance, web analytics can show whether you have a high bounce rate. From there, you can check which among your web pages is the common exit page.

Once that is determined, you can now determine which elements in that specific page turn off your website visitors. Perhaps, the page lacks a compelling call-to-action; hence, site visitors choose to hit the Back button.

More than knowing how many unique visits your website gets, web traffic analysis can help you determine how you can optimize your site.

Heat Maps

Heat map analysis enables us to analyze how site visitors interact with our content. This includes measuring where their mouse and eyes travel.

When you know where your audience’s attention travels, you can quickly figure out where to put the correct design elements. It also allows you to determine which part of the website needs changing.

Does it make sense for you to place a newsletter subscription prompt on the left sidebar or the right sidebar? Instead of guessing, a heat map analysis can help you answer that question in a jiffy.

Site Search

It is recommended for websites to have a search bar these days. However, website owners tend to overlook the site search’s capabilities.

First, site search allows you to have an insight into what consumers are searching for on your site. We are talking about queries used and the intent behind them.

Imagine if you have an online store and you sell sustainable products. With the help of search analytics, you can know what products to add to your online store based on the frequently used search queries.

However, if you own a blog, you can maximize site search analysis for content ideation. That’s because it enables you to know the kind of topic that your audience is searching for.

Email Marketing Segmentation

Email marketing may sound like an old-school, ineffective digital marketing tactic. But have you ever thought that maybe you are using it wrong?

Just because people agreed to subscribe to your newsletter does not mean you can send them all types of email. Site visitors would like to be updated when you publish a new post, while some prefer to receive a new product update.

However, you can only make that happen when you segment your list. And how you will set it up will depend on the kind of web content you produce and your email marketing tool’s features. From there, you can tailor your email based on your audience’s interest.

Doing so can help improve your customer engagement.

Multivariate Testing

How would you know which color of the CTA button works best for your website? Well, you can find out when you do A/B testing.

Also known as multivariate testing, an A/B test gives you real-time and quantifiable data on how web visitors interact with your content. Doing so not only ensures that you are providing the best UX but can also improve your conversion rate.

However, keep in mind that A/B is not limited to what color of CTA button you should use. You can also use it on email marketing and pay-per-click advertising. That said, multivariate testing can help improve various digital marketing tactics for your business.

Big Data is Not for the Faint of Heart

Here’s the thing: Big data is not an easy game to play. As mentioned earlier, it is made of massive structure and unstructured data that cannot be processed through traditional means.

However, it can help get ahead of the curve. That’s because big data allows you to understand your audience better, allowing you to improve your web design and provide excellent UX.

Author Bio:

Kenneth Sytian is a professional web designer in the Philippines. He is the owner and CEO of Sytian Productions. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.