Big Data

Big Data and Analytics

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The main task of any business is to offer the market a product in demand at an optimal cost. It is very important to keep up with the times, constantly introducing relevant innovations and staying ahead of the competition. But how can you be sure that your conclusions are correct and you are moving in the right direction if you do not have the most complete data and the latest analysis technologies?

An analytics assessment and development plan will help you increase the agility and competitiveness of your business by making it easier for you to optimize management structures and processes, and prepare your IT infrastructure for innovation. Bell.One offers consulting services, implementation and maintenance of IT systems in a full cycle of data processing and use. We value your benefits: by offering specific data and analytic solutions, we take into account the needs of your business and your strategic vision. 

Key features

  • Big Data Analysis Services: Help organizations quickly build and deploy powerful big data analytics solutions.
  • Advanced Analytics: Helps companies predict future business performance and stay competitive.
  • Data management: creates a full cycle of management of all IT processes, from receiving and storing data to delivering information.
  • Data Visualization: Allows you to create visual presentations of insights to find relevant relationships between millions of variables, which will help companies make the most informed decisions in their day-to-day work. 

Big Data In Business


  • reduced risk of fraud, customer segmentation, personalized offers 

The Medicine 

  • analysis of clinical, behavioral and financial information, development of new scientific approaches to the treatment of diseases 


  • monitoring, management and optimization of IT infrastructure processes, subscriber analysis, customer retention, fraud detection and prevention, digital asset management (DAM)


  • traffic forecasting, traffic management, fleet management 

Next Generation Business Intelligence

  • IBM Tealeaf Customer Behavior Analysis (CBA) solutions help companies improve their online customer experience by providing the quantitative and qualitative metrics needed to understand a true customer experience.
  • AppDynamics is the leader in application performance tracking systems. With the AppDynamics software platform, which collects data from over a million points of infrastructure on the performance of various applications, servers, databases and other critical IT systems, we can help you improve business process control, operational efficiency, and end user satisfaction. …
  • QlikView is an innovative system used to store and manipulate large databases for decision-making tasks. With QlikView, we can help you:
  • get a real picture of the state of affairs in the company
  • find opportunities to innovate, invest or gain a competitive advantage
  • to achieve speed of action to obtain results and gain new opportunities or achieve savings
  • purposefully reduce certain items of expenditure and strengthen cash flows
  • delegate authority to personnel to carry out coordinated actions


  • Quantifying the benefits of a company
  • Gaining a competitive advantage 
  • Monetizing new services
  • Improving the efficiency of operations 
  • Realizing the full potential of digital platforms